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Depeche Mode Prague 2023

Updated: Jan 4

On Sunday , July 30th, Depeche Mode held a concert in Prague. This time, unfortunately, for the first time without Andy Fletcher, who was remembered during the concert. The concert was, as it is usual with Depeche Mode, absolutely captivating and all sixty thousand spectators gave their satisfaction by singing along with the band, dancing and omnipresent good mood. This was not spoiled even by the heavy rain, which even forced the start of the show to be postponed.

Dave did not disappoint and as usual impressed with his dance creations and haunting vocals.

Although the weather was very unkind, many spectators could warm their hearts to the fact that the band will come to Prague again, at the beginning of 2024. Both concerts will take place at the O2 arena on February 22nd. and February 24th. Therefore, the audience will neither get wet nor suffer from February frosts. But everything has its downsides. The capacity of the O2 Arena is nowhere near that of the summer concert venue, Letňany Airport. Since only about 20,000 spectators can come to each February concert, it is a good idea not to hesitate too much in ordering tickets and to take care of attending the concert now. Even so, some categories of tickets are already unavailable in the usual distribution channels. So get online, secure your tickets, accommodation and possibly an interesting city tour. And in February, we'll all meet at the O2 Arena to the thrilling music of Depeche Mode!

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