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Prague Castle: a pearl of Czech History and Architecture

Prague Castle, a majestic stone complex towering over the historic core of Prague, is not only a physical symbol of the Czech Republic, but also a living witness to its rich history, cultural heritage and national identity. In this blog, we take a look at this jewel of Czech heritage and explore its fascinating history and architecture.

Prague Castle boasts the title of one of the oldest royal castles in Europe. Its roots date back to the 9th century, when Prince Bořivoj I began building a fortified castle. Since then, it has undergone many reconstructions and extensions, and has become the seat of Czech kings, emperors and presidents.

The castle has witnessed key historical events, including the coronation of the first Czech king, Vratislav II, in 1085, and the defenestration of 1618, which started the Thirty Years' War. Many important names and events have taken place here over the centuries, making Prague Castle an essential part of Czech history.

Prague Castle features a diverse mix of architectural styles, reflecting its long history. The dominant feature is the Gothic St. Vitus Cathedral, the construction of which began in the 14th century and lasted for several centuries. In addition, there is the Romanesque St. George's Church, the Renaissance Old Royal Palace and the Baroque Schwarzenberg Palace.

One of the most remarkable buildings is the Golden Lane, a picturesque row of houses built at the end of the 16th century. Legend has it that alchemists lived here and tried to turn base metals into gold. Today the houses are open to the public and present an interesting exhibition.

Prague Castle is also a cultural centre where concerts, exhibitions and various cultural events are held. For art lovers, there is the Royal Garden, where you can admire sculptures by Czech and foreign artists. The Prague Spring International Music Festival is also held here every year.

Prague Castle is open to the public, including many parts of it. Visitors can explore the royal apartments, admire the jewels in the treasury, and climb the cathedral tower for a spectacular view of Prague.

For general information on opening hours, admission fees, and current events, I recommend visiting the official Prague Castle website.

Prague Castle is not only a historical monument, but also the living heart of the Czech nation. Its stone walls shape us and remind us of the rich and turbulent history of this country. Whether you are a lover of history, architecture or simply beauty, a visit to Prague Castle is an unforgettable experience.

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