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Basic information

Security situation

To begin with, Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is a very safe city. Of course, you have to be careful not to take unnecessary risks, but compared to other European capitals, Prague's streets seem much safer.

Public transport

Prague has a dense public transport network. In the centre it is mainly trams and the metro, while in the rest of the city buses provide transport. Of course, you can also use taxis, Uber or Bolt. The Uber and Bolt apps have the advantage that you know the price of transport in advance. Therefore, it's a good idea to ask the driver what the approximate price will be to get you to your chosen destination before getting into a standard taxi.

Trams, metro and buses are very cheap in Prague. People over 65 years even ride for free (this applies to tourists as well). People between 60 and 65 years have a 50% discount on fares. In both cases, you need to carry an ID card or passport to prove your date of birth.

The fares are very reasonable - a 30-minute ticket costs CZK 30,-, a 90-minute ticket CZK 40,-. A 24-hour ticket costs CZK 120,- and a 72-hour (3-day) ticket costs CZK 310,-. The ticket must be marked when you first board the tram or bus or when you first enter the metro! Without this marking the ticket is invalid! It is then possible to change between trams and metro or buses free of charge during the validity period of the ticket.

Tickets can be purchased from ticket machines in metro stations (sometimes also trams and buses stops). Coins in CZK or credit/debit cards can be used for payment. If there is no machine on site, there is always a machine on trams and buses where basic types of tickets can be purchased online. Payment can only be made by card. Tickets purchased in this way are not marked, all the necessary information is already printed on them. Ticket checks are quite frequent in public transport, so you should be careful and always have a valid ticket. Fines start at approximately € 45,- and $ 50,- respectively.


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